Dreamcast Top 10
August 4, 2009, 2:18 am
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I know this is completely random, but when my roommate and I were looking for some spare XBOX 360 cords I stumbled across my old Dreamcast.  I really missed the times I had with it and I think its time to maybe blow off that dust and fire it up.  So here are MY top ten Dreamcast games that I would love to get my hands on again.

10. Soul Calibur


This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed “Soul Blade”.  It being a launch title means a lot if its actually good (we know how some of those launch titles actually turn out).  Play it or play the sequels and you will see why its worthy of its place within our top ten.

9. Fur Fighters


Kiddie? Maybe.  Underrated?  Hell yes.  Please re-consider this title and if you still have a Dreamcast look for it or at least keep an eye out for it.  Do not let the title or cover fool you.  This is a GREAT game worthy of any players attention.  It’s highly entertaining and at times challenging.  Well worth your time, trust me.

8. Crazy Taxi


We have all played it in the arcades or on the consoles, but Crazy Taxi is far from played out.  Entertainment and intensity on a whole other level.  It makes you wonder if this game may ever be revisited.

7. Tony Hawk 2


I know, most people would leave this game off their list immediately.  With the inclusion of manuals, combos and among other great additions, this was the place to go for your skateboarding needs (thats assuming your not wanting to step out the door).

6. The Sonic Adventure games


Yes, I am putting both in here.  They were both amazing and I wish the Sonic franchise hadn’t gone down the drain.  It’s gotten ugly but we can always look back with hope and mabye, just maybe, we can see something good again.

5. Marvel vs. Capcom 2


A perfect arcade port for the Dreamcast.  Warmly welcomes new 2D fighters with easy control schemes and superior animations.  Way to many unlockables, stages, teams, outfits, EVERYTHING.  You can now play it on the XBOX 360 arcade.  So for you non xbox owners, good luck finding it (for cheap).

4. Jet Grind Radio


Hello cell shading.  I don’t think anyone knew what was going to happen with this game.  The moment I got my hands on that demo I knew I had to have it.  It was amazing and still is amazing.  I would just skate aimlessly for hours tagging walls off rails and insane jumps.  Who thought grafitti and techno could be so fun.

3. Project Justice


Have you ever heard of the terribly underrated Rival Schools?  Then you may have heard of this little gem.  Hands down the best fighting game I have played to date.  Creative and easy to learn, I have yet to play anything that rivals this.  I have tried to track this game down, but yet to find it near its original price.  Good luck getting your hands on a copy of this.

2. Resident Evil: Code Veronica


The best Resident Evil in the series (besides 4&5 of course).  At the time of its release there hadn’t been a survival horror that looked this great.  The story was breathtaking and the action was top notch.  Who would have thought it would debut on the Dreamcast though?  It was still a hit and went on to have a re-release later, but nothing is ever good as the original.  Great puzzles, story and oh yeah, ZOMBIES!!!

1. Shenmue


What can I say?  It’s my favorite game!  The story was great and would actually make you care about the characters in it.  The enviroments were enormous and it definately raised the bar for the adventure genre.  I have played through this game more then any other and still I fall in love with the surroundings, people, dialog, music, and the little stores and vending machines.  The was the first game that really took advantage of the QTE system in a way to tell a story and make you feel involved in whatever event transpired.  This was the Dreamcast’s killer app., but due to the lack of sales and funding, this story may never see an ending.


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